Clinical practice guidelines for advanced BCC

Clinical practice guidelines have been developed to help guide decision making in the management of BCC.

The primary goals of treating patients with BCC are to completely remove the tumor and provide maximum preservation of function and cosmesis, based on the specific factors of the case and patient preference.1

Guidelines suggest treatment with systemic therapy for appropriate patients with locally advanced or metastatic BCC for whom curative surgery and curative radiation are not feasible.1,2

  • Hedgehog inhibitors
  • Immunotherapy

Consultation with a multidisciplinary team is recommended by clinical guidelines for the management of patients with advanced BCC.1,2

Watch Dr. Jane Yoo and Dr. David Miller explain the challenges of advanced BCC.

There is a clear need to continue research and development in advanced BCC.
The Regeneron & Sanofi Genzyme Alliance is committed to research in this disease.

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