Patient burden in advanced BCC

The progression to advanced BCC can cause substantial local destruction and disfigurement with the involvement of extensive areas of soft tissue, cartilage, and bone.1,2

  • Advanced BCC is serious and can be challenging to manage3
  • The impact of advanced BCC can be wide-ranging, serious, and detrimental to a patient's well-being4

In a study of 21 patients with advanced BCC, they reported often experiencing burdensome symptoms.4*


Techniques in qualitative methodology were used by applying “open-ended” questions via telephone interviews and probing techniques intended to elicit patients' own description of their experiences with advanced BCC.


Includes only patients who reported symptoms related specifically to their cancer; all treatment-related symptoms were excluded from analysis and reporting.

Advanced BCC can have a negative impact on quality of life. In the same study of patients with advanced BCC, the majority of patients indicated that their disease impacted their daily activities, physical, psychosocial, and emotional health.4

≈50% of patients reported experiencing

self-consciousness or embarrassment about their appearance due to scarring and their lesions.4

>50% of patients with
advanced BCC

think about the possibility of disease recurrence and fear their condition will worsen.4

52% of patients reported an impact

on their social or leisure activities.4

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